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the North Light

The concept of the north light derives from the European painting tradition from centuries past, when representational painting was the prevailing style. In the northern hemisphere the sun moves across the southern sky. This means that a window on an artist's studio which faced south would receive the direct light of the sun throughout the day. This is not a good light for an artist to work with, because as the sun moved, the light would be constantly changing, in both direction and intensity. The light and shadow patterns on an object or figure in the studio receiving such a direct sunlight would be always changing, and if, for instance, the artist preferred the light at some point in the morning, he would have only a short time to work as by noon all would be totally different (remember that this was in the days before electric lighting). Paintings of that time took many days or even weeks to complete, and so this lighting arrangement would present insurmountable problems. The simple solution was to have the window on the north side of the studio. This window would not be subjected to the direct light of the sun but would, rather, receive only a soft diffused light reflected off the northern sky. This light remains fairly constant throughout the day. Furthermore, this diffused light produces a subtle modeling on the form as opposed to the harsh light and shade of direct sunlight. The northern exposure then was the lighting of choice for countless artists over the centuries, and is still popular today with figurative painters.

fine art nude, pencil drawing

fine art nude, pencil sketch

The Academic Tradition

The North Light Studio is dedicated to the representational tradition and offers artwork produced with the rigorous discipline and academic techniques that have endured for centuries. We believe there is still a great appreciation and demand for this syle of painting and drawing and that there has been in recent years a strong resurgence of interest in this type of art. We hope to keep this tradition alive. All the artwork presented by The North Light Studio will be in the representational style, even if, at some point in the future, we decide to showcase the work of other artists. You can always expect academic excellence at The North Light Studio.

Independent Publishing

Self publishing is becoming ever more common in the arts these days as the technology has become available to small business and even to individuals. Rapidly fading are the days when the big publishing houses and recording studios ruled, and any artist, writer, or musician who wished to gain public attention had to be approved of and subsidized by these corporations. There was certainly at least some advantage to this old arrangement, as the big companies did tend to filter out inferior work, But the problem was that they often filtered out really good work, only because it didn't match the style they favored or was not appropriate for their marketing strategies. With this new paradigm in art publishing, there will be available a much wider and more varied range of work to choose from, to everyone's benefit. No longer will the art print market be dominated by the big publishers with their unfortunate penchant for the most abominable kitsch. The North Light Studio hopes to cater to the more discerning connoisseur of academic art, and will never offer artwork calculated to be "trendy" or of mass appeal. New work will be constantly added as our featured artist produces it. A particular emphasis will be placed on figurative work, produced from working with the live model. The pictures adorning this page are from Mr. Jermann's sketchbook, and are a testament to his dedication to the academic tradition.

fine art nude, pencil drawing

fine art nude, pencil drawing

About the Artist

David Jermann has always been a realist painter and works exclusively in oils. Drawings are executed in graphite, sometimes on toned paper with white charcoal highlights. He has extensive professional experience doing illustration, murals, portraits, fine art commissions, and even decorative painting, all in addition to producing a steady stream of his own creative work. He is currently one of a number of featured "Living Masters" of the Art Renewal Center, a foundation dedicated to the realist tradition. As for the future, David intends to focus primarily on figurative work, producing both drawings and paintings from the live model.

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About the Website

The North Light Studio website has been designed for absolute simplicity and functionality. You might have noticed the absence of all the "bells and whistles" which clutter so many commercial websites and are really nothing but an annoyance. We will always appreciate any comments, criticisms, or suggestions regarding the site. Follow the contact link and let us know your thoughts. We hope you enjoy your visit to The North Light Studio!

The website was designed and created by David Jermann.

fine art nude, pencil sketch